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OSN 3500
The OptiX OSN 3500 is an intelligent optical switching system with “dual core” architecture. That is, the OptiX OSN 3500 can be used in packet mode or in TDM mode. When used with the other equipment of Huawei, the OptiX OSN 3500 supports various networking applications, such as the pure packet mode application, hybrid networking application (overlay networking of the packet mode and TDM mode), and pure TDM mode application. By using a proper networking solution, the data service and conventional SDH service can be processed in the optimal manner. The OptiX OSN 3500 transmits voice and data services on the same platform with high efficiency.

Dual-Core Architecture, Multi-Service Transmission

With a dual-core architecture, the OptiX OSN equipment meets requirements for bearing conventional services and the growing number of packet services.

Support 3G Mobile Backhaul, Improve Service Transmission

To address 3G mobile backhauling requirements, Huawei’s equipment provides complete transmission solutions in the packet domain, converging and grooming services at the core layer of a wireless network.

Built-In WDM/Microwave, Flexible Networking

The OptiX OSN equipment uses the built-in WDM technology to transmit several wavelengths over one optical fiber. In this context, the OptiX OSN equipment can be interconnected with the WDM equipment.

BWS 1600G
The OptiX BWS 1600G DWDM system is a large-capacity multi-service and multi-reach transmission DWDM equipment. The OptiX BWS 1600G can easily upgrade from 40 wavelengths to 80 wavelengths, 120 wavelengths, and up to 160 wavelengths. The extended C band technology can also be used to expand the capacity by 20% to 192 wavelengths.

The OptiX BWS 1600G, as the backbone DWDM optical transmission system, provides 80/40 wavelengths x 40G transmission solution. By connecting to the existing 40G OTU, the OptiX BWS 1600G can satisfy operators’ requirements on capacity expansion and high performance optical network. It had been applied to many national backbones and inter-city backbone transmission networks.


Ultra Long Haul Transmission

The Ultra Long Haul (ULH) incorporates certain technologies such as SuperWDM+, realizing 10G transmission over 5000km without regeneration. The Long Hop (LHP) technology incorporates SuperWDM+ and ROPA, which realizes extra long transmission with a single hop of 410km. In addition, DRZ and xDQPSK technologies are adopted to realize 40G transmission over 1500km without regeneration.

Flexible Wavelength Scheduling

With the Reconfigurable Optical Add-drop Multiplexer (ROADM), the OptiX BWS 1600G realizes wavelength scheduling in 2-9 dimensions, remote automatic configuration, and wavelength adding/dropping at any node. The system supports online upgrade and capacity expansion without interrupting services. With the ROADM, operators can speed the service provisioning without re-planning the network, reducing operation and maintenance costs.

All-Service, Multi-Rate, and Multi-Protocol Access Capability, and Diverse Service Convergence Modes

The OptiX BWS 1600G supports the SDH/SONET service at any bit rate, POS service, GE/10GE/40G/OTU1/OTU2/OTU3 data services, and other services with bit rate ranging from 34Mbps to 2.7Gbps. As a result, the system can converge 10G services over 4 channels to one 40G wavelength, saving wavelength resources.
Unique Clock Transport Feature

The OptiX BWS 1600G offers a brand new solution for clock transport which supports high-precise clock transport in bi-direction, and could add-drop or pass-through at any site with multi-protection modes.

Full Band Tunable OTU

The OTU supports full band tuning. By integrating networking boards into one unit, it can improve system maintainability, and reduce operation expenditure (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX). The OTU can also work with the ROADM to offer flexible optical solutions.
Carrier Class Protection

OptiX BWS 1600G supports channel 1+1 and MS 1+1 protection, improving network reliability.
G.653 Optical Fiber Solution

Huawei’s G.653 DWDM solution effectively solves the problem of four-wavelength mixer, and realizes large-capacity long-distance transmission over G.653 optical fiber. 




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