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SGLB 3048, 36

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SGLB 3048, 36

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SGLB 3048, 36

Shutter Box Series
Grade Level Box SGLB 3048, 36″ Depth

Unsurpassed “I-Beam” Strength

Loại HF10000TM
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IThe SGLB 3048 is the latest addition to Channell’s Shutter Box Series family of grade level boxes. Leading the way
with the SGLB 1730 and SGLB 2436, Channell has proven and set new high per- formance standards in the industry for subsurface thermoplastic enclosures.

The SGLB 3048 features a straight sidewall “I Beam” construction combined with a high rib design that will greatly enhance the cover’s load bearing qualities. Unlike tapered box designs, Channell’s strength is accomplished with a straight sidewall design that supports the cover’s load across the entire vertical sidewall. Sidewall deflection is neutralized with the addition of a strength member mold- ed into the sidewall. These features allow the SGLB 3048 to be used in various applications, including greenbelt.

Channell’s factory installed stud system allows a full range of options including the installa- tion of a galvanized rack system, horizontal brackets and a two-position swing arm brack- et. All of these options can be pre-installed at our factory or installed in the field after vault installation. The SGLB 3048 can easily store 650 Ft. (200 meters) of 0.5″ diameter fiber cable, in addition to the industry’s largest fiber splice cases.

Meets and is qualified to Telcordia GR-902- CORE specifications. Complies with the applicable elements of ANSI /SCTE 77 2002, for greenbelt placement.


  • Straight sidewall “I-beam” design permits higher ver- tical load-bearing capacity
  • Tall cross-ribbed sidewall design eliminates sidewall deflection in extreme soil conditions securing box placement during final grade
  • High quality HDPE body with cross-ribbed design and additional molded-in strength member carries load evenly across sidewall
  • Solid, single piece thermoplastic covers with a variety of logo markings
  • Universal “L” bolt security system (available only on thermoplastic covers) eliminates the worry of the loss of cover bolts
  • Unique “T” style overlapping cover design improves appearance and reduces soil migration into box
  • Four winterized drop access points are standard with all SGLB 3048 units
  • Cable locator/marker device can be added in a pro- tected recessed area on the underside of the cover




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